Teddy Amry's Opinion

"Feel grateful at each time of your life. Feel grateful when things are good. And when things are not as expected, feel the last time everything was okay! You will feel grateful again."

"Teachers, motivators, and inspirators are not perfect humans. They just know more than most people do. If you find out their lacks. Just follow their great teachings!"
"Great parents do not give everything to their children. They teach everything that their children need, so the children can get anything they need by themselves in their futures."

"A good student doesn't study when there will be an exam the next day.  A good student studies every time in his lifetime."

"If someone humiliate you for your poverty, BE RICH! If someone humiliate you for your misfortune, BE GREAT! If someone humiliate you for your stupidity, BE KNOWLEDGEABLE! Then say thank you to the same person who humiliated you."

"Always enjoy your health! When you get sick, feel how healthy you were. Guaranteed you will get well sooner."

"Why complain? Feel grateful each time in the moment! If you find out something not as good as you expect, feel the last time you received the best! You will feel grateful again."

"World is just an illusion. It doesn't mean that we just sit without doing anything. It doesn't mean that we should not be rich or outstanding. It means we can do, have, and be anything we want. It's just an illusion."

"There is nothing here or there. Everything is here and there. You do not go or move anywhere. You are just in the consciousness."

"Giving is receiving. It is true both in religions and science. However, don't give because you want to receive. Give because you love, care, and empathetic!"
"The safest device or place to save data is not in any desktops, laptops, or iPad. Nor in drive D or USBs. Nor on pieces of paper or stones. But in minds. Train your minds!"
"Rather than creating super robots with super abilities, it's much better to educate humans minds and thoughts. Each human on the planet has super abilities no robots can ever have. With the proper educations and practices, the whole world is gonna be awesome."

"Life is just like a mirror. As the mirror reflects your body and face, your life reflects what thoughts in your mind are. The only difference is your life needs longer time to do it."

"Never feel afraid of being failed unless you do not want to be successful. Never feel afraid to fall down, you can stand up again anytime you want!"
"Nobody is perfect. It's not the excuse to be weak. Improve ourselves each time in our lifetime. Be better each time. If we cannot be perfect, be the best in aspects we choose."

"Just like an arrogance, an inferiority is prohibited! For God has created us so well. Use every advantage that we have without arrogance. And we willingly accept any deficiencies without feeling lower than the other. Everyone has flaws and advantages."
"There is no such thing as God Secret. He never hides it. He asks us to learn, to study. It's just because of your laziness to find out the science behind it, then you say "Oh it's His highness to know that."

"There is no such thing as a miracle. It's just scientific."
"Parents are not God. They are not always right. Children should obey parents. But not give God's position to parents."

"Whatever you give out will be back to you. Several times more. So, always give the good ones!"

"Charity is not the work of Accounting. It's Psychological. Love to donate! It will not make you poor"